Battery Filling System Kits – Aquapro

Our customers love the Aquapro caps and kits as they are reliable and quick and easy to install!  Kits come complete with vent caps, floats, tubing and quick connect coupler. Order your Aquapro Battery Single Point Filling System Kit today!

Choose from:

  • 24 Volt (12 cell), 36 Volt (18 cell) and 48 Volt (24 cell) kits
  • Push in, 1/4 turn & 1/8th turn vent caps
  • All size floats to suite your battery type available
  • Kit can be easily customised to suit your application, use our Contact form to send us your requirements

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique shutoff valve, allows for widest pressure range (0,75 – 45 psi)
  • Can operate off any water delivery system. Direct from tap, WaterGun, Gravity Feed Tank, Water Cart or WaterGenius
  • Self-closing hydrometer port – single-handed operation. No covers, lids or plugs to break off
  • Exceptionally low profile cap – no snagging
  • Luminous level indicator – high visibility
  • Poly-carbonate construction – more impact and temperature resistant than competitors (polypropylene)
  • Colour & number coded float system – for any battery electrolyte level
  • Float selection gauge – makes float selection easy
  • Large water passages – fills faster than any other system saving time & money
  • Only two moving parts – for added reliability

The Aquapro All-in-One Quick Connect Male Coupler

A unique combination of Connector, Valve, Flow Indicator, T-piece and  Strainer:

  • Less parts to fit & go wrong
  • Snap-In/Snap-Out – no buttons or slides – easily operated – saves time
  • Luminous flow indicator is highly visible
  • Interchangeable with other German brands

How it works:

1. When the battery is connected to a water supply, water enters the vent cap, via the water chamber. This chamber remains permanently full of water, acting as a barrier between cells and preventing the potentially explosive transmission of oxy-hydrogen from one cell to another through the water hose system.
2. Then the water flows into the patented shut-off valve. In the open position, the valve lens remains in its recess. This positioning allows a larger volume of water to pass through the valve and facilitates superior fill speeds.
3. After passing the shut-off valve, the water flows into the battery cell. Some of the water flows around the float spindle, removing any possible accumulation of dirt from the float spindle. Making the valve self-cleaning.
4. When the electrolyte level rises, it raises the float and float spindle. The top of the float spindle is attached to the valve lens. Float and valve lens are the only moving parts. Both move vertically and there are no levers or other apparatus to get clogged.
5. The moment the valve is released from its recess, the in-flowing water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water  stream carries the valve up with it. The force required to move the valve from open position to the closed position comes from the hydrodynamic energy generated by the water stream. This means the float only moves the valve into the water stream. Hydrodynamic energy brings the lens into contact with the sealing ring. Once the valve is in the shut-off position, hydro-static pressure holds the valve lens against the sealing ring and keeps it closed. More water pressure equals more shut-off pressure.

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