Water Gun for BFS & Aquapro Forklift Battery Single Point Watering Systems

Keep your Forklift Battery in top condition with this BFS / Aquapro Water Gun. Water Gun delivered complete with ergonomic trigger gun, pressure regulator, flow indicators and female SPWS coupler.

Technical Specifications

Compatible with BFS & Aquapro, as well as other major brands of Single Point Watering Systems, making battery maintenance easy and efficient. This water gun ensures accurate and fast filling of each cell. The included flow indicator shows when the battery is taking water and when it has finished. The combination of WaterGun and SPWS kit prevents battery overfilling and eliminates the risk of spilt battery acid.

Simply connect the base of the WaterGun to your pressurised water supply garden hose connector and the tip of the WaterGun to the BFS or Aquapro Male Coupler of your Single Point Watering System. Keep your battery running smoothly and avoid downtime with this essential tool.

The Aquapro WaterGun incorporates clever design initiatives compared to the BFS WaterGun:

  • Push / Pull coupler: Simply push on or pull off without having to press a button
  • Inbuilt Strainer: Non-clogging design uses centrifugal flow to keep contaminants out
  • Inbuilt Flow indicator: Easy to see bright yellow balls
  • Compact design: Eliminates fiddly parts connected by flexible tubing into one sturdy housing
  • Spares readily available
  • Connects to BFS and Aquapro Single point watering systems

Available now from our Forklift Battery Chargers Australia online store.

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