Gravity Feed Tank – Forklift Battery Watering

Gravity Feed Tanks are a simple and economical solution to water your forklift lead acid battery after charging.

  • Available with or without powder coated metal mounting bracket for bolting to the wall
  • No mechanical or electrical components
  • Position approximately 2m above the floor near your forklifts parking / charging space
  • Refill with fresh water
  • Connect to your batteries Single Point Watering System with included coupler
  • Water will flow into your battery until the floats shut off the flow
  • Disconnect and drive away

Technical Specifications

Connects to BFS and Aquapro Single Point Watering Systems. Complete with:

  • Strainer: Non-clogging design uses centrifugal flow to keep contaminants out
  • Flow indicator: Easy to see bright yellow balls
  • Push/pull coupler: Simply push on or pull off easy to use
  • Spares readily available

Available now from Forklift Battery Chargers Direct.

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