Automated Battery Watering – WaterGenius

The WaterGenius Battery Watering Controller is an electronically automated battery watering system

Why install automated battery watering?
  • Decrease OH&S issues
  • Increase battery life
  • Reduce labour costs

How does the WaterGenius save money in your warehouse?

1. Protect the cells or battery from damage due to over or under watering of batteries

2. Automated watering saves time – your operators time can be best used on other tasks.

3. Maintains batteries to optimum levels for best performance of forklifts and machinery

4. Batteries always maintained – increases productivity with less downtime

5. A system that makes it easy for anyone to follow— plug in battery for charge, plug in water and walk away.

6. Safe, reliable and clean method of battery maintenance reducing accidents in the workplace.

How does it work?
WaterServer Forklift Battery Automatic Watering Lead Acid WaterGenius Battery Room 1 - Resized

Automatic Lead Acid Battery Watering

A WaterGenius Control Unit is fitted to the charger.

  • Water is then fed via flexible tube to the WaterGenius (can be from tank, tap or mains).
  • The forklift operator simply plugs in the charger and plugs in the water, at the same time.

[The red light will indicate the battery is being charged]

  • When charging is completed, the WaterServer will be present water to the battery via a single point watering system kit attached to the battery).

[The amber light will indicate the battery is being watered]

  • The single point watering system on each cell determines the correct level.

[When the battery watering is completed  the green light will light up]

What company/warehouse is this best suited to?

Any company/warehouse large or small. Companies where shift batteries are used. Unattended battery rooms where it is important to get control of the maintenance, and use of a high cost capital investment such as batteries

How much will it save?

The premature failure of a battery due to lack of water, or misuse can be a very costly event.  A Watermaster system can drastically decrease premature battery degradation by years, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year.

What does it cost?

The cost of WaterGenius (and Q-master systems) form a small percentage of the overall cost of a battery and charger installation. Each battery room is different so costs vary, however they are very affordable systems. The ROI can be calculated in months, and can save thousands in a labour costs!

How long does it take to install?

Installation is straightforward. Depending on the size of the battery room, installation can take from just hours for a small number of batteries and up to a few days for a very large battery room

What guarantees do you offer?

All our systems are guaranteed – free parts and labour for a 12 months from date of commissioning

Why should I choose your system?

Battery Room Solution’s WaterGenius (and Q-Master systems) have proven themselves in numerous warehouses throughout Australia.

It can be installed as a stand alone system or as fully integrated system with the  Q-Master (battery management or battery queuing system). It is currently the only system on the market that can work off any charger and do this.

These products are Australian made and owned – so you know if you need any assistance we are just a phone call away.

What maintenance is required on the system?

Once the system is up and running, there is usually no maintenance required.

What type of companies use this system?

These units have been installed in numerous distribution centre warehouses of leading retail food companies, hardware retailers, meatworks, and pharmaceutical companies to name a few.

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