Water Cart with Electric Pump – Forklift Battery Watering

A Water Cart with electric pump is a convenient method to quickly and easily water your forklift lead acid battery.

  • Rechargeable battery operated pump
  • Light weight and portable
  • Large opening for easy refilling with fresh water
  • Connect to your batteries Single Point Watering System with included coupler
  • Easy to use: Simply connect the hose and turn on the switch
  • Water will flow into your battery until the floats shut off the flow
  • Switch off the pump, disconnect the hose and wheel the Water Cart away

Our Water Carts are also popular with nurseries, gardeners and restaurants for watering hanging plants.

Technical Specifications

Water Tank

  • 60 Litre Capacity
  • 71mm opening for quick refilling
  • Integrated pump and battery housing
  • Splash proof charge point


  • Powder Coated Metal Trolley
  • 125mm Solid Rubber Wheels

Battery & Charger

  • Fast charging thanks to Lithium technology
  • On board 10.8 Volt 6.7 Amp Hour Lithium Battery
  • 12.6 Volt 1 Amp Charger with 240V Plug

Water Pump

  • 12 Volt 2.1 Amp Comet ‘Elegant’ Pump made in Germany
  • Flow rate: 10 litres per minute

Run Time

  • The water pump draws 2.1 Amps and the Lithium Ion battery pack is 6.7 Amp Hours, therefore the pump can operate continuously for 6.7 / 2.1 = 3.2 hours.
  • The pump is rated at 10 litres per minute, therefore 3.2 x 60 x 10 = 1,920 litres, i.e. 32 x 60 litre tanks (nearly 2 tonnes of water) from a single charge.

Water Connection

  • Includes hose and Push / Pull quick release Coupler
  • Connects to Battery Single Point Watering Systems (BFS, Aquapro & other major brands)
  • Inbuilt Strainer: Non-clogging design uses centrifugal flow to keep contaminants out
  • Inbuilt Flow indicator: Easy to see bright yellow balls

Spares readily available

Available now from our Forklift Battery Chargers Australia online store.

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