Australian designed and manufactured fully automated (electronic) battery watering system. Tried, tested and proven technology. Thousands in use in Australia.


  • SAVES THOUSANDS $$$ in labour costs
  • Reduces OH&S risks
  • Increases battery life (ensuring your wet cell lead acid batteries have sufficient water at all times)
  • Increase productivity – operator’s time better spent on other tasks
  • No more transporting battery to watering point
  • Waters battery every time at the correct time without operator interference
  • Easy install and use


  • WaterServer is attached or positioned near the charger
  • Water supply is piped up to the WaterServer and through to the battery
  • After battery is fully charged, WaterServer delivers water to each individual cell via a single point watering kit fitted to the battery
  • No operator assistance needed – plug in charger, plug in water, WALK AWAY!
  • Red light = charging, Amber light = watering in progress, Green light = battery watered and ready for use


  • WaterServer is designed to either operate as a stand alone system or a fully integrated system with the Q-Master Battery Queuing System

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