Sackett ‘Battery Bull’ Man-Aboard Forklift Battery Exchanger

Sackett set the industry standard for forklift battery handling equipment.  Non-stop durability, reliability and safety are built-in to every battery exchange system designed and manufactured. With over 100 years of industry experience the result is equipment that outlasts the competition and gives you more uptime, longer lifecycles and a lower cost of ownership.

Sackett get the job done right with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. You can keep your shifts productive and efficient knowing that Sackett’s battery handling equipment has you covered day in, day out and year after year.

The Sackett ‘Battery Bull’ is a man aboard battery handling exchange machine. This narrow footprint, single stack battery changer with one or two compartments can be powered via AC or DC operating voltage. Converting from a narrow aisle changer, manual or pallet jack mounted battery exchange system to the Sackett ‘Battery Bull’ can cut battery change times in half.

Technical Specifications

  • Heavy Duty: Over 3 tonne Capacity
  • Flexible: AC or DC powered
  • Small Foot Print: 1.3m wide
  • Durable: Chassis constructed with heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Efficient: Heavy Duty extractor arm with 8 powered rollers
  • Safe: “Operator Present” floor pedal
  • Magnetic Battery Extraction


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