Forklift Battery Transfer Cart – Australian Made to Order

A Battery Transfer Cart is an economical attachment for a Pallet Jack. It not only rides atop the customers pallet jack it also draws power for its magnet from the pallet jack’s battery. They are an excellent choice for customers with a small fleet of lift trucks who operate second shift batteries.  The Battery Transfer Cart safely and quickly transfers batteries between the forklift and the battery charging station.

Identifying that there were shortfalls and limitations with the Battery Shifters imported from the USA, in 2016 we embarked on an ambitious program to design and manufacture an Australian made Battery Transfer Cart.  The end product had such a wide range of capabilities that some customers were able to replace two American MTC Battery Attach-A-Pullers with a single Australian Battery Transfer Cart.

We now have over 30 of our inhouse designed and manufactured Forklift Battery Transfer Carts in service in warehouses throughout Australia.  Being designed and manufactured in Australia provides us the flexibility to customise our Carts to suit your batteries dimensions and weights.

Rugged Australian Designed and Manufactured

Battery Transfer Carts economically transfer batteries between forklifts and the charging station for small fleets of lift trucks with second shift batteries. Features:

  • Customised for your batteries dimensions
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Suitable for all lift truck batteries up to 2.0 tonnes
  • Heavy duty 60mm rollers
  • 24 V DC motor powered by your electric pallet jack’s battery
  • Dual chain operated draw-bar
  • Upgraded electromagnet with 2,000 kg pull force
  • Upgraded 600W motor and gearbox
  • Resistor mounted on heat sink for increased heat dissipation
  • Safety bar mounted on leading edge
  • Mounted to a pallet mover of your choice
  • Covers largest range of roller heights than any other battery changer
  • Optional onboard lithium batteries
  • Optional remote pendant for magnet on/off and drawbar in/out
  • Optional forklift tyne pockets for mounting on a forklift instead of pallet jack

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