ST400 Single Phase “Switching Mode” Electric Forklift Battery Charger

GM Electric Single Phase High Frequency Battery Charger ideal for Gel, AGM or Lead-Acid Batteries.

  • 36V 25A Model ideal for Batteries with 160 – 250Ah capacities.


  • with AC 10A Single Phase 3 Flat Pin Plug
  • with DC cables only (ready for you to install your required DC plug)

Two year warranty.

Technical specifications

  • Mains input 230VAC ±10% 50-60Hz
  • High frequency single-phase battery charger with Switching Technology
  • Configurable for lead acid, gel, AGM or Lithium batteries (opt.)
  • Current regulation accuracy ±1A
  • Voltage regulation accuracy ±0,1V
  • Efficiency >= 90%
  • Microprocessor controlled charging process
  • Cooling forced ventilation
  • Signalling LEDs for charge level and faults
  • Thermal protection with internal probe
  • Protection against polarity reversals
  • Possibility of on-board installation with remote LEDs (opt.)
  • Possibility of external programming by remote card PR20 (opt.)
  • Thermal probe for battery (opt.)
  • Conformity European normative CE-marking
  • Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 75mm. Weight: 2Kg.

Available now from our Forklift Battery Chargers Australia online store.

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