Deionisers for Battery Filling

Industrial Deioniser Cartridge Filters and Housings for Battery Filling


  • Range of industry-standard heavy duty multiple cartridge ‘cluster’ filter housings
  • Purion CD10 and CD 20
  • Dual-pass mixed-bed Deionisers for high purity water quality


  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • High Purity Water

How the dual-pass mixed-bed deionisers work:

Stage 1: Premium 10 micron extruded carbon block filter cartridge substantially reduces sediment, organics,
chlorine and chloramines. Protects the demineraliser resins from degradation and premature fouling.
Stages 2 & 3: Both stages contain a high quality nuclear grade mixed bed ion-exchange resin cartridge.
Dual–pass ensures high purity water up to 18 meg resistivity (0.5ms/cm) can be achieved.
Stage 4 (OPTIONAL) : Treated water passes through a water quality monitor. The monitor displays a green
light for good quality water, or a red light and audible alarm for poor quality water, indicating a resin or
cartridge change is due. The monitor uses safe 12 volt power from the wall-mount transformer supplied.
Cartridge Options : The deionisers are supplied with re-fillable resin cartridges. Exhausted resin cartridges
can be disposed of or washed and re-filled. Cartridge re-fill packs, bulk resin packs for large users, or
complete resin-filled replacement cartridges are available.

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