Deionisers for Battery Filling

Industrial Deioniser Cartridge Filters and Housings for Battery Filling


  • Range of industry-standard heavy duty multiple cartridge ‘cluster’ filter housings
  • Purion CD10 and CD 20
  • Dual-pass mixed-bed Deionisers for high purity water quality


  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • High Purity Water

How the dual-pass mixed-bed deionisers work:

Stage 1: Premium 10 micron extruded carbon block filter cartridge substantially reduces sediment, organics,
chlorine and chloramines. Protects the demineraliser resins from degradation and premature fouling.
Stages 2 & 3: Both stages contain a high quality nuclear grade mixed bed ion-exchange resin cartridge.
Dual–pass ensures high purity water up to 18 meg resistivity (0.5ms/cm) can be achieved.
Stage 4 (OPTIONAL) : Treated water passes through a water quality monitor. The monitor displays a green
light for good quality water, or a red light and audible alarm for poor quality water, indicating a resin or
cartridge change is due. The monitor uses safe 12 volt power from the wall-mount transformer supplied.
Cartridge Options : The deionisers are supplied with re-fillable resin cartridges. Exhausted resin cartridges
can be disposed of or washed and re-filled. Cartridge re-fill packs, bulk resin packs for large users, or
complete resin-filled replacement cartridges are available.


Specifications :

  • Maximum Flow Rate: CD10 3.0 lpm* CD20 7.0 lpm*
  • Total Resin Quantity: CD10 1.3 litres CD20 4.0 litres
  • Installed Dimensions (cms): CD10: 50W x 15D x 50H   :   CD20: 50W x 15D x 72H
  • Supplied with Hylite water quality monitor.

*Litres per minute flow rate dependant on raw water quality and inlet water pressure


Approximate litres of treated water between resin cartridge change, based on the mean average conductivities from the cities principal water supply.

CITY Product CD10 Product CD20
Adelaide 165 500
Brisbane – Crosby 200 605
Brisbane – Nth Pine 305 915
Canberra 1605 4855
Cairns 2305 6965
Darwin 805 2440
Hobart 805 2440
Mackay 255 770
Melbourne 950 2870
Newcastle 575 1740
Perth 180 540
Sydney 535 1620
Townsville 535 160

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