Sumo Glove – Fork Impact Reduction System

A simple solution to warehouse damage and improved safety.

  • Gloves made of a special urethane composite for fitting to forklift forks
  • The size and shape of the gloves are made to cover most fork size thicknesses and widths. The gloves cover 95% of all standard forklifts
  • The safety design is useful for almost all pallet types
  • Replacing the hard steel with a material that has a cushioning effect greatly reduces the risk of fork damage
  • The driver can now feel resistance before any damage occurs
  • Pallets can be pushed into position without any damage to the pallet or the load
  • The gloves eliminate the spearing effect of the forks without compromising the effectiveness of the forklift
  • Gloves help damage from unseen loads
  • The bright yellow gloves add to the visibility of the forks, a great advantage when working with high level racking. The fork tips being far more visible is proven to dramatically enhance safety for everyone.

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