PowerKit: A plug-n-play system to diagnose all your battery challenges

The health of your batteries plays a huge role in your equipment performance and in turn your overall productivity.

The PowerKit is installed (takes approx 5 minutes) between the equipment and the battery and monitors critical parameters to aid technicians isolate battery problems from the equipment.

QUESTIONS it answers…

  • Is my problem a battery or an equipment problem?
  • Why is my battery under-performing?
  • Why are my batteries dying prematurely?
  • Are my batteries being exposed to elevated temperatures?
  • Do I have the right sized battery?
  • Are my forklift drivers who use fast charging applications, plugging in enough?
  • Quickly Identifies Battery Problems
  • Diagnose and Identify under-performing batteries & isolate battery issues from the equipment
  • Analyse your forklift battery power
  • Wireless collect data of voltage, current, temperature and water level
  • Identify plugins required for opportunity & fast charging
  • Installs in about 5 minutes and it requires no set up on the equipment
  • Specify appropriate battery size …based on equipment type and application
  • Identifies opportunities to convert from gas to electric
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Identifies Under-performing batteries causing disruptions to operations 
  • Provides wealth of information to save you time, money and aggravation
  • Stop guessing with proof positive data
  • Eliminate Poor battery operation (battery abuse), and poor or inadequate battery maintenance
  • Reduce malfunction of your equipment control systems
  • Inadequate plug-ins – It is helpful to identify plug-ins required for opportunity and fast charging, so that operators know to plug in to maximize charging

Further Helpful Information:
Electric equipment operation depends on battery performance
Poor battery operation can cause a malfunction of your equipment control systems
Underperforming batteries are often hard to diagnose when used on various equipment
Right Sizing Battery – It is important to know if the battery is the right size for the equipment and application
An over-sized battery can increase your expenses with NO return on investment (ROI)
An under-sized battery may not last full shift, and can have a major impact on productivity


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