Charger Wall Mount System

Stanbury Charger Mounting Solutions –  Making installing industrial battery chargers a safer, light and easy job.

Battery chargers are one of the most important assets that keep your company’s logistics going. Dust, debris, water puddles and accidentally running into the battery chargers are four main causes of charger failure. Charger failures can disrupt your entire work process. These undesirable mishaps can be easily overcome by mounting your battery chargers onto a wall with our range of Stanbury Charger Mounting Solutions.

Mounting your chargers on Stanbury Charger Mounting Solutions gives you happier chargers and allows you to free up valuable workspace. All this while knowing that you are using a quality Stanbury product.

  • Solid Construction
  • Versatile
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Rigorously Tested

Stanbury Charger Mounting Solutions come in three different mounting models. The hook mount models (HM310 & HM510) are designed specially for our Stanbury ConvecCool chargers to give you the perfect installation. The Universal Charger Mounting Brackets are made versatile to fit any chargers in the market that can sit on a cradle or a shelf. These versatile mounting configurations make the Stanbury Universal Charger Mounting Brackets (UB560) the first to choose when mounting any non ‘hook mount only’ chargers in the market.

Stanbury Charger Hook Mounts Kit

Stanbury Charger Mounting Options Brochure 

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