The WaterServer is a fully automated (electronic) battery watering controller system…

The system will save you $$$ thousands in Labour costs, reduce OH&S risks, and increase battery life, by ensuring your wet cell lead acid batteries have sufficient water at all times.

The WaterServer is either attached or positioned near the charger. After the Battery has been fully charged the WaterServer “presents” water to each individual cell via a single point watering kit fitted to the battery.

  • No operator assistance needed. Plug in charger; plug in water, WALK AWAY!
  • Increase productivity with your operator’s time better spent on other tasks
  • Waters the battery every time at the correct time, without any operator interference.
  • Water supply is piped up the WaterServer and through to the battery
  • No more taking the battery to the watering point
  • Easy to instal and easy for your operators to use
  • Red light = charging, Amber light = Watering in progress, Green light battery watered and ready to use.
  • Tried, tested and proven technology. Thousands in use in Australia.


The WaterServer has been designed to either operate as a stand alone system,  or can be installed as a fully integrated system with the Q-Master Battery Queuing System.

This product is Australian made and owned – so you know if you need any assistance we are just a phone call away….for all your


For more information see:  WaterServer frequently asked questions FAQ’s

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